Vasilina B. Lost 25 LBS!*

Story of My Struggle

I was referred to Elemental Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic by my sister. I wasn’t expecting anything in particular. I knew a few things for sure; I needed to lose weight, I hated exercise, and I disliked people telling me what I should or should not eat. I have a longstanding history of avoiding diets and weight loss programs so I knew this whole experience would be a huge challenge. The staff was very accommodating and supportive, through the initial phase and throughout the whole program.

How My Life Has Changed

Initially, I was very stubborn avoided trying to incorporate the program into my daily life. The decreased portions of food often left me hungry. This sense of hunger began to dissipate as very quickly I started to see myself dropping the pounds. It was so exciting: I was actually losing weight!

As my weight loss journey with Elemental Weight Loss & Wellness continued I discovered my love of cooking. I began to cook consistently and boy, did the weight shoot off like a rocket. I spend a lot of time preparing, and cooking food with and for myself and my roommates. Discovering this love for cooking is one of the most exciting thing for me, except losing weight, of course. Through the social support at Elemental Weight Loss & Wellness I found a group of friends with whom I enjoyed friendly competition — who was losing more, and I’d try to beat them. The use of the FitBit was also a great motivator to walk or exercise more. Jumping ahead of someone in a stepping competition constantly pushed me forward.

Towards the end I had a hard time reaching my goal, I plateaued for a bit, but I persevered and reached my goal of 25 lbs. I am so proud of my accomplishment, and would recommend Elemental Weight Loss & Wellness to anyone.