Sandra E. Lost 26 LBS!*

Story of My Struggle

For years I struggled with my weight and tried several different methods. Some worked and some didn’t. The diets I tried that worked had no sustainable results so I would end up gaining more weight. My diagnosis of diabetes in 2014 was a huge turning point. I knew how serious this disease was but I still hadn’t fully committed on improving my health. I found myself struggling in controlling my disease with doctor’s orders and medication. This all changed when a friend suggested I try a different approach and referred me to Elemental Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic. The staff was professional, caring and supportive throughout the process.

How My Life Has Changed

Elemental’s weight loss program helped me gain control of my life. The program was a true, complete lifestyle change. Elemental’s patient education modules made me become actively conscious of what I ate—something I was really terrible at. They helped me formulate an exercise routine with activities that *I* found enjoyable. By following the program closely and attending support groups it became easier for me to incorporate changes and achieve a healthier lifestyle. I lost more than ten pounds the first month alone. Those results alone gave the motivation to continue. The energy I felt after losing the weight was undeniable. Small lifestyle changes can and will make a big difference. I have lost a total of 26 pounds to date and happy to say that my diabetes is in control without medication. My primary care physician was very pleased that my HA1c results came back normal. She was amazed at how I was able to gain control of my disease in such a short period of time. She told me that she wished all her patients would take the initiative to gain control and make sustainable changes.

Thank you,
Sandra E.