Michelle C. Lost 50 LBS!*

Story of My Struggle

Growing up in San Antonio, TX can be tough when Big Red and Barbacoa is your go-to breakfast staple. A typical Hispanic diet is riddled with bad carbs (tortillas, rice, etc.) and to want to eat something different, or ask for a different version of things was almost insulting to the person who prepared it for you. I was a part of that “don’t leave the table until your entire plate is clean” generation, so I never learned to eat until I was full. I come from a culture that has food at the center of every major holiday, family event, and celebration. For example, when we made good grades in school my parents would take us out to eat to celebrate. Growing up eating at a restaurant or eating fast food wasn’t a luxury that we could always afford, so as I became a young adult and started making my own money I became obsessed with eating out as often as I could because I never got to have it whenever I wanted when I was younger. Because my family was poor the food we ate most often were Ramen noodles because they were only 10 cents a pack. I remember every day after school my grandmother would make me a bowl of ramen noodles (sometimes 2 bowls!) and a large, cold glass of sweet tea.

How My Life Has Changed

It wasn’t until I met Dr. Khmelev-Williams back in September of 2016 that changed all of those bad habits for me. She came to Nationwide to do an employer lecture on Diabetes, Nutrition, and Meal Planning. I remember first and foremost how kind she was. She never judged me or fat shamed me like most of the doctors that I had been exposed to had done in the past. She truly cared about me as a person and really did the work to understand why I gained the weight in the first place. She also took the time to teach me how to eat better and hold myself accountable for the poor choices I was making. One of the first things she had me do was keep a food diary and just see how many times a week I was eating fast food. It turns out I was eating fast food nearly 10 times a week! I also had to learn that it was okay to say no to the foods that others eat around me and that in order to celebrate an accomplishment or a family milestone it doesn’t have to be about food. I can now replace food rewards with trips to the salon or shopping for new clothes (especially since I have lost over 50 lbs!)

The Elemental Weight Loss program is so much more that a “diet”. I don’t even want to call it that. It is an educational nutrition and exercise plan designed to teach you life-long changes that are manageable, yet yield high results. I have referred so many friends, family, and coworkers to this program who tell me that they are seeing the results too! Remember, even in San Antonio, it is possible to lose weight and still eat food that tastes good and is good for you, you just need the right people to show you the way!